The NTI Team

Administrative Staff

Debra West, Business Manager

Debra West
Business Manager
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Phone: (360) 452-8491

Debra is the Business Manager with more than 30 years of experience in the construction related field. When the opportunity presented itself in 2007 Debra became one of the owners. Her responsibilities include management, marketing, accounting, budgeting, auditing, contracts administration and other financial and related functions to ensure the financial integrity of the company. Debra is also very active in the community holding key positions in organizations including Relay for Life, Boy's and Girl's Club and Soroptomist.

Wynn Hannam, Office Manager

Wynn Hannam
Office Assistant
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Phone: (360) 452-8491

Wynn is the office assistant. Her primary responsibility is Customer Service and works with all departments to achieve a smooth running organization. She performs administrative and office support for multiple supervisors.

Lori Wells

Lori Wells

Office Assistant

Lori serves visitors by greeting, welcoming, and directing them appropriately; notifies company personnel of visitor arrival; maintains security and telecommunications system.


Zach Slota, P.E., Principal Engineer

Zach Slota, P.E.

Principal Engineer

Zach is responsible for managing projects including construction management, grading, drainage, and various other projects. He has experience with field and laboratory testing of concrete, soils and aggregate, structural observations, reinforcing steel placement, anchor bolt inspection, as well as developing plan sets for various projects. 

Steve Miller, P.E.

Steve Miller is a Professional Civil Engineer with 38+ years of experience in planning, design, construction administration, project construction engineering, and engineering assurance for a wide variety of utility and pipeline-related projects in Washington and Alaska.

Mikael G Brostrom, P.E. Professional Engineer at NTI

Mikael Brostrom, P.E.

Mr. Brostrom P.E. has an M.S. in Structural Engineering with over 6 years of experience in the Structural field. He has over 17 years experience as a Civil Engineer Mr. Brostrom holds an Structural Engineering from the University of California, San Diego and Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of California, Berkley. His capabilities include structural design for buildings using wood, structurally insulated panel (SIP), Concrete Masonry Units, Concrete and steel members for single and multi-story family residence and commercial structures.

Glen Wade

Glen G. Wade, LG, LEG

Mr. Wade is a Licensed Engineering Geologist with over 10 years of experience in engineering geology, geotechnical engineering, and environmental geology. At NTI, he performs field investigations, analyzes geotechnical data, and prepares geotechnical reports. His career experience includes: materials laboratory and field testing work; geotechnical investigations for dams, levees, bridges, roadways, commercial and residential buildings, shoreline stabilization, underground utilities, and mining reclamation; environmental investigations; geophysical investigations; instrumentation; and geologic mapping.

Stephen Hanes

Stephen Hanes, EIT

Mr. Hanes graduated from the University of Idaho with a BSCE degree and a MEngr degree. He began his work with NTI in May 2015, and has since then been involved in several projects as a design engineer. He has experience with special inspections and nuclear densometer testing of compacted soil, and maintains a good understanding of AutoCAD. Furthermore, Mr. Hanes is well-versed in laboratory and field materials testing procedures related to soils and concrete quality control on construction projects, to include compression strength testing of concrete, and geotechnical analysis such as soil gradation, modified proctor, and sand equivalency.  However, he has focused his efforts on the geotechnical aspect of civil engineering, having worked on several projects, including foundation design and slope stability assessment.

Tim Vasilenko

Tim Vasilenko, EIT

Tim joined the NTI team during the 2018 Summer construction season. Tim received his education from WSU where he earned a Bachelor of Science Engineering Degree (BSCE). Tim has experience designing with various AutoCAD programs, and has experience working in Residential Construction and Construction Management.

Ben Slota

Ben Slota

Engineering Technician

Ben Slota is a certified APNGA Nuclear Densometer technician who specializes in Construction Management.

Robert A. Leach, Consultant Engineer at NTI

Robert A. Leach, P.E., MBA

Civil Engineer Consultant

Bob is a consultant engineer for NTI. He has substantial expertise in water utility engineering, site development engineering, general civil design work, project management, transportation engineering.

Bob has served in both the public and private sectors in excess of 40 years and has been involved in land development, transportation and utility projects for both developers and government agencies.


Scott Harksell, PLS, Principal Surveyor at NTI

Scott Harksell, PLS

Principal Surveyor

Scott is the Principal Surveyor. He is a successful Land Surveyor with over 27 years of experience in managing all land surveying activities and staffing; responsible for ensuring a quality product in a timely manner. Scott manages the daily survey operations, ensuring that surveys are performed within applicable laws, regulations, and codes as set forth by local, county, state, and federal authorities.

Bill Treese, A.A.S., Survey Party Chief at NTI

Bill Treese, A.A.S.

Survey Party Chief

Bill is a the Lead Survey Party Chief performing field survey work. Bill’s fieldwork experience includes: boundary surveys, subdivisions, topographic surveys, construction surveying, DNR Lease surveys, and fieldwork for bathymetric survey.

Ryan Schultz

Ryan Schultz

Ryan has been working as a member of the survey crew since August of 2017. Ryan has experience in construction staking, topographical, and boundary survey staking. Ryan is also proficient at using the data collector and total station survey equipment.

Testing & Inspections

Shawn West, AAS, Laboratory Engineer at NTI

Shawn West, A.A.S.

Laboratory Manager

Shawn oversees laboratory operations and is responsible for field and laboratory testing of concrete, soils, aggregate, and Special Inspections under Ch. 17 of the IBC. He manages and performs special inspections, project management, QC and QA, reinforcing steel placement, high strength bolting, anchor bolt inspection and nuclear densometer testing of compacted soil. Shawn joined the ownership team on June 1, 2012.

David Eaton

David Eaton, B.A. 

Senior Engineering Technician

David Eaton performs testing and inspection in the areas of concrete construction, material qualification using Laboratory procedure and field compaction of soils using a nuclear densometer. David is certified in the areas of Field Concrete Testing and Inspection, and APNGA Portable Nuclear Gauge Safety and Operation.

Zach Olson

Zach Olson B.S.

Engineering Technician

Zach Olson is an Engineering Technician with a BS in Materials Engineering from New Mexico Tech. Zach also has an AA from Penninsula College. Zach has specialization in Composite Technologies as well as Materials Identification. Zach is also a published author in the American Masonry Society.

Mike Meloni

Mike Meloni

Engineering Technician

Mike Meloni is an Engineering Technician who specializes in Concrete Testing. Mike has experience Logging, Commercial Fishing and is a Journeyman level Tree Trimmer. Mike has a CDL, 1st Aid Training, a TWIC holder and is also a certified Flagger.

Jason Hartman, Engineering Technician

Jason Hartman

Engineering Technician

Jason performs Compaction Testing of Soils using a Nuclear Densometer, and is certified by APNGA for Portable Nuclear Gauge Safety and Operation.